Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chickanellas in Grove, OK

For those of us that live in and around Grove, you know that you could try all the restaurants in town within a couple of weeks and still want more. We need more places to relax and have something really good to eat without having to pawn the lawnmower to do it. A pleasant surprise awaited me this 4th of July and its name was Chickanellas. The creative endeavor by Debbie Douglas is a food lover's dream, especially if you dream of light, flavorful and utterly delicious cuisine.
We stopped in for lunch at the former Corey Hotel built in 1909. Essentially it is a big house with dining in the back room and out on the shaded patio. Update on their new address at the end of this story. On the way to the dining room, there is an entryway where their display of freshly made sweeties are taunting you. Cupcakes, cookies, fudge and truffles were a few of the things I saw before my eyes glazed over with dreams of slipping into a sugary siesta. I came to and sat down to an amazing lunch. The menu at Chickanellas is small and simple which, to anyone who knows menus, means that they do a few things and do them very well. I ordered a California wrap and Flora and Audry both ordered the Cuban wrap. As is Flora and my usual practice, we each ate half and traded plates. I almost didn't want to trade because the chicken, veggie and avocado wrapped in a jalapeno cheddar tortilla was still calling to me. But I wanted to experience as much as I could on my first visit to a new place. The Cuban wrap was the tubular version of the classic sandwich which is ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, mayo and mustard inside a special garlic tortilla. To accent the main dishes, they offer veggie straws instead of chips, which I love. If you haven't tried them, you're missing out. They complimented the light wraps perfectly. If that wasn't enough, Vicki brought us a sample of their soup of the day, roasted corn chowder. Debbie had grilled corn and peppers that morning to make the delicious soup. I'm pretty sure it was the best corn chowder I've ever had. And I've had quite a few. On the way out, my daughter Audry ordered a tropical fruit smoothie. She was kind enough to let me try it. If I hadn't been stuffed with other tastiness, I would have ordered one for myself.
Debbie and Vicki definitely have a good thing going on and, more importantly, it's a good thing going on here in Grove, America. They were both super nice and glad we were there. As it is, I'm glad that they are there. I'm planning many happy returns.
P.S. They love it when you order ahead and come pick it up. You'll be glad you took a Chickanellas lunch back to the office. Everyone will be envious. Also, you can see what the daily specials are on their Facebook page.

9a.m. to 5p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday
Update on Chickanellas
Debbie has moved to a new bigger location on Highway 59 and they couldn't be happier with the move. I hope for continued success for them!
New Address
5550 Hwy 59 North in Grove, OK

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